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2023 Property Manager and the Maintenance Technician of the Year!

2023 Property Manager and the Maintenance Technician of the Year!

WI-CARH Selects Greenspire Apartments Staff Both the Property Manager and the Maintenance Technician of the Year Awards

Stoughton, WI November 2023– Broihahn Management and Consulting, LLC (BMC), a leading property management company, is delighted to announce the recent achievements of two exceptional team members, Wendy, and Jim Skoien, as they are awarded Site Manager and Maintenance Technician of the Year at Greenspire Apartments by the Wisconsin Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (WI-CARH).

WI-CARH was established in 1998 as a state chapter of the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing, a national not for profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of rural and affordable housing throughout the United States of America.

 “Wendy and Jim Skoien have been an integral part of the Greenspire Apartment community in Stoughton, WI for nearly three decades, dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of the property. Their unwavering commitment and exceptional care have undoubtedly contributed to making Greenspire a thriving and welcoming place for its residents. Their recognition is a testament not only to their hard work, but also to the values and principles that BMC strives for daily.”, says, Sue Broihahn, owner, BMC.

Firstly, Wendy, a seasoned and respected professional in the industry, has been honored with the Site Manager of the Year award for the second time in three decades. As the on-site Property Manager, Wendy has been the face of Greenspire, always ready to lend a helping hand or offer a listening ear to the residents. Her warm demeanor, professionalism, and deep understanding of the apartment community’s needs have made her an invaluable resource for both residents and staff alike. Wendy’s ability to effectively communicate with residents, address concerns promptly, and maintain a harmonious living environment has played a significant role in fostering a sense of belonging within Greenspire.

Secondly, we are proud to announce the Maintenance Technician of the Year award has been bestowed upon Jim Skoien. Jim has been a treasured asset to BMC as he showcases remarkable technical expertise, proven problem-solving abilities, and consistent dedication to providing top-notch maintenance solutions. His unwavering commitment to swift and efficient property repairs has greatly contributed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in customer service and property upkeep.

Founded in 2001, Broihahn Management & Consulting, LLC (BMC) has been providing excellence in property management, maintenance, and practical consulting services for almost 23 years. BMC is determined to provide fair and equitable housing to all people, regardless of income, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, marital status, or sexual orientation. BMC manages a portfolio consisting of both residential and condominium communities. Please feel free to contact us for any of your property needs.


Contact: Cyndi Wood, Communications Director